Traditional vs Non-Traditional Students
Traditional Student  (Eligible for 50% Free Tuition) — a student athlete, lives on campus or starts classes within four years of graduating or finishing a high school program.

Non-Traditional Student (Eligible for 100% Free Tuition) — any student that doesn’t qualify as a traditional student.

Do I have to choose courses that have to do with my job?
You do not have to choose courses specific to your career path.  You may choose any online course Cleary University offers.

How soon can I participate in the TEAM Schostak Free College Program?
You must be employed a minimum of 90 days to participate in the TEAM Schostak College Achievement Program.

How do I know if I am eligible to participate in the TEAM Schostak Free College Program?
Human Resources will conduct a 90-day review to confirm how long you have been employed, that you have maintained a record of “good standing,” and that you have averaged at least 20 hours per week.

As a program participant, what will I pay out of pocket for tuition/fees?
You will be responsible for $325 each semester, which covers your Technology Fee and provides access to your electronic books from RedShelf.

Why did TEAM Schostak choose cleary University?
Cleary University is a non-profit, private business university established in 1883, offering over 20 degree programs for Associates, Bachelor and Master degrees. It was nationally ranked one of the Best On-line Colleges in 2019 with Strong Student Outcomes by Best Colleges, a leading provider in college rankings. Cleary University was voted the “Top Ranked Business University in the State of Michigan for Return On Investment” by Bridge Magazine.