TEAM Schostak Family Restaurants and Cleary University have launched an innovative partnership to provide online higher education to hourly, part-time and full-time employees and their families (including grandchildren) without all the debt.

This partnership provides tuition benefits to employees and their families. The Tuition Benefits Program will cover 100 percent of tuition costs for undergraduate and graduate degrees through Cleary’s online platform for employees, their significant others and their families, in the communities where TSFR operates restaurants and businesses.

“This is about the relationship between higher education and the workforce. This is about partner and prosper – for all involved. Higher education can and should change its tuition model,” said Jayson Boyers, Cleary President. “I believe innovative partnerships can alleviate the college debt crisis. This is also a way to improve the economic destinies for three generations of the American workforce. By including family members, we are improving household health and fostering next level management. It’s a virtuous circle.”

Research shows that 93 percent of employees who earn a degree that is paid for by their company acquire the skills needed to grow within their company – and they are more likely to stay on. Fifty-six percent say they would not have pursued advanced education without employer funding.

“The success of our organization is rooted in our people,” says Mark Schostak, executive chairman of TSFR. “We are committed to training and developing our people, and we are proud to extend that same benefit to their family members with the Tuition Benefits Program. By fostering a platform for our team to continue their education, we are investing in our state and its future leaders.

For our business, the Tuition Benefits Program is a way to encourage lifelong learning and equip our workforce with skills that will help them rise through the ranks and build a career with us at TSFR. Employees may use the benefits to enroll in associate, bachelor’s or master’s degrees in Cleary’s online program, including programs in business administration, hospitality management and culinary. The program also pays for tuition for Cleary’s Master of Science and MBA programs.

To read more about our partnership with Cleary University and our company culture, be sure to read the latest article in Crain’s Detroit.