OUR PEOPLE are so important to us, we have made taking care of them our first Core Value.  Whether it’s our 50% meal discount at all of our five brands, Instant Pay (work today and get paid tomorrow) or comprehenseive health insurance for our TEAM Members, we remain competitive in the market by the benefits we offer to our people and their families.


*All benefits are dependent upon brand, position and eligibility.

Health Insurance

We believe in taking care of the whole person.  We offer health insurance benefits to our eligible employees and their families.

Flexible Scheduling

We recognize that things come up at the last moment, so we try to be as flexible as possible when it comes to your schedule!

Paid Time Off Vacation

Need some time off?  We don’t want you to worry about your paycheck!  Eligible employees can get paid while having fun!


Work today and get paid tomorrow!! TSFR offers a next day pay advance option to our eligible hourly Team Members.

50% Discount at all our Restaurants

Bring your family or eat solo at any of our own restaurants’ five brands and receive a discount on your entire meal!

Career Opportunities

We offer a structured curriculum and classes designed to advance your career path, in your quest to Lead the Way!

TSFR Care Fund

With 75% of TEAM members currently participating, we assist TEAM Members with expenses from unexpected life events.


TEAM Schostak believes in investing in our employees and their future.  Eligible employees can participate in our 401K.

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