TSFR is guided by its Core Values centered on Our People, Delighting Our Guests, supporting the Community, Acting with Integrity and Achieving Results. These Core Values are central to our culture.

Culture travels by stories and the lessons learned from these stories. Those stories become truths to live by which we call Truisms and those Truisms guide us in Our Vision to Lead the Way.

Truism #1 is We Won’t be Best on the Block until we are Best in the Workplace. We must be “Best on the Block” is a Truism from TSFR’s first days as a Burger King franchisee, starting in small towns like Alpena and West Branch where all the QSRs were on the same block. We learned that we had to set ourselves apart from the competition by Delighting Our Guests in the restaurant and in the Community.

 In 2020, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic we expanded the Truism #1 in order to emphasize caring for Our People and Our Guests by Leading the Way in Clean & Safe. TSFR must be the Safest Restaurant on the Block AND Safest in the Workplace for our Guests and Our People.

You will learn a great deal about TSFR and our culture by looking through our Truisms book. We hope you enjoy it!

(View our Truisms Book here)